Philosophy "The Present" Make Up Primer


“The Present” by Philosophy is a revolutionary makeup primer that is good for your skin with its natural antibacterial benefits. The antibacterial benefit that is included in this product is called “lysozyme” which is good for preventing break outs. That explains why I have not gotten any unknown break out on my face whilst using this product!

This primer is used before applying their foundations to give you an even skin tone coverage. It will minimize the look of your wrinkles and leave any bumps on your face looking smooth enough to swiss replica watches blend right in. This explains why this product was first developed for medical purposes, for people who have skin conditions such as rough bumpy skin. Another good aspect to this primer is that according to Philosophy it is designed to “seal in” any moisture. This is particularly good for those of you with dry skin. It is also good for sealing in any other facial products like moisturizers or eye creams you may use on your skin prior to your makeup application.

How to use this primer? All you need to remember for primers in general is that a little online casino nederlandsegokken goes a long way! All you need is a small amount to cover your fingertip and then evenly blend it in your face. After that, I completely let it dry- a good tip is to set your blow drier on cold and blow the air in your face. After that I like to apply Philosophy’s “Supernatural Superbeautiful” liquid foundation and layer that on as needed. Depending on whether I want to use a liquid blush or a dry mineral blush, I will then use Philosophy’s “The Supernatural” mineral foundation on top of my liquid foundation. This primer will run you $25 at Sephora and will easily last you 4 months if not longer. I love how Philosophy offers you the best natural makeup products on the market at affordable prices- that are good for your skin to keep you looking beautiful.


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