Philosophy "The Supernatural" Mineral Foundation


Philosophy’s “The Supernatural” mineral foundation offers you one of the best mineral makeup products on the market. Philosophy’s mineral foundation has also known as “Airbrushed Canvas” because of its amazing natural finish despite its high pigments. This mineral foundation is also a talc-free foundation that has spf 15 protection.

“The Supernatural” mineral foundation is available in 7 shades which is plenty to mask any skin tone out there. I purchased this foundation in the shade “Sand” which is perfect for replica watches uk people with light to medium skin with yellow undertones. This foundation almost instantly blends in and looks flawless. This foundation is perfect for women who want to know that they are using an all-natural product, that won’t leave them looking like they have applied layers of makeup on their face. what is a domain Another great aspect to this foundation is the face that it does not leave any shine/sparkle on your face like the “bare minerals” foundation does. If by any chance you do want a bit of highlight to your face- I would suggest buying a separate highlighter to add to the prominent areas of your face (cheekbones, above the eyebrows, nose and chin) as opposed to having your whole face glowing!

This foundation is also very good for women who have all types of skin besides dry skin- if you have dry skin I would suggest using a liquid foundation because you don’t want the minerals to highlight any flakes you might have on your face. Aside from that, another great aspect to this foundation is the fact that it will not clog your pores! Nothing is worse than realizing you are breaking out with acne and not knowing why. Chances are it’s because of the foundation you are using. I have tried many foundations out there and nothing beats this foundation. I have not online casino had one unexplained break out since.

The packaging of this product is also very good. The foundation comes in a small pot with a mirrored lid. Underneath the lid is a built in sponge. All you have to do is And Robertson County had 66 sign up for new coverage, with 53 going into Medicaid and 13 into other coverage. tap it until you see the minerals coming through the sponge. After that, I found that the best way to apply the foundation is to gently tap the sponge around your face before blending it around with the sponge. The packaging is also very travel friendly and allows you to easily apply your foundation wherever you go!

I have been using this mineral foundation for around a month now and it is only half empty. If you will only use it once a day like I do in the morning then this product should last you a good 2 months if not a little bit longer. During any of this time however, if you are looking to replace the sponge on your foundation package- Philosophy offers replacement sponges that you can buy. I definitely think that this foundation is worth your time to try, and for only $35 at Sephora for an all-natural product it is definitely worth the money. If you use the best products on your skin, you are going to be left with healthy skin. Now who doesn’t want that?


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