Philosophy “Supernatural Superbeautiful” Mineral Liquid Foundation


Philosophy’s “Supernatural Superbeautiful” mineral liquid foundation is by far the best natural foundation available on the market today. This foundation offers a sheer but buildable coverage that does not clog your pores. This swiss replica watches formula also includes SPF  20 for added protection against the sun’s rays.


This foundation is perfect for women who want an easy but natural application process that blends right in with your skin. When I say natural coverage- don’t be fooled and think that this product will not do the job at covering up flaws. You can layers this foundation on your skin to get your ideal coverage. You won’t have to worry about layering because this make up is a water based formula that is a new hybrid from your traditional liquid foundations. This foundation does not contain any Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic fragrances or phthalates which means you skin is going to remain healthy, as long as you use are careful about what products you are using on your face.

I have been using this casino product for over a month and I am in love with the way my skin is looking and feeling. Unlike all the liquid foundation I have used from the cheapest to the most expensive brands- this foundation does not leave your skin with that “cakey” look we all hate! Even if you have dry-oily skin I guarantee you that this will not happen. I like to use this foundation along with their “The Supernatural” mineral powder foundation. If you get the shade “sand” for example in this liquid foundation- The same shade name under the mineral powder foundation is the exact same color. This makes for an easy match! No more fussing around trying to find a shade of powdered foundation to match your liquid foundation. It’s Philosophy’s Philosophy to ensure you get the best out of your product and it certainly shows. This foundation will easily last you for 2 months if used just once a day, and for only $30 at Sephora you can have the most beautiful natural looking coverage in no time!

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