The don’ts While Applying in Make-up


Mistakes, we all make. Looking beautiful is our priority. We are women and our looks are very important to us. Make-up is a way to enhance our beauty and look much better. But unless our make-up is done right, nothing will look good. Bad make-up will backfire and you will end up looking bad! Here are a few mistakes that most of us make while we apply make-up. Go through, take a cue and don’t repeat them!

The first step is to buy the right products. Make-up products are expensive, yes. But there are also great brands which price their products reasonably. You could go for those. The right product for you also depends on your skin type. So when you go to buy a product, keep the brand and your skin type in mind. While applying make-up, one of the most common mistakes is getting too bold. Loads of make-up doesn’t lead to great looks. The right type of make-up does. This notion should first penetrate your train of thought. If you apply too much, you’ll look bad. Make-up hides flaws and it is the best when it seems natural.

Coming to foundation, as aforementioned you must buy the right one as per your skin tone. Buy the foundation hue that blends in with your skin. You can try different hues at the store and select the right one for you. Next, never apply foundation on chapped skin. This will only enhance the chapped skin and make it even more visible. Hence, you need to moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly. Dead cells are the cause of chapped skin. Exfoliation makes sure they are all removed.

Don’t try new things with your eyebrows using make-up. This is very unattractive. Many women try changing the shape all by themselves. It helps only when it is done by experts. Trying it without any experience or knowledge can lead to disastrous results. Unless you apply the make-up properly, it won’t be helpful. Instead of enhancing your eyebrows, you may end up making your eyes look saggy and sad. You don’t want that now, do you?

Here you are! Now that you know what not to do with make-up, go ahead and look great!


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