Homemade Almond and Honey Facial Scrub

If you want to make sure that your skin is fresh and supple at all times, you should ditch all the chemical-laden beauty products and go for something natural. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs are all very good for the skin and they beautify you without any side effects. Here is an amazing all natural almond and honey treatment:

You will need:

1. Almonds: 5, whole

2. Uncooked oats: 2 tbsp

3. Honey: 1 tbsp

4. Yogurt: 2 tbsp


1. Blend the oats and almonds finely in a blender.

2. Add this to the other ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly

3. Wet your skin and apply this on your skin; slowly exfoliating it in circular motion.

4. Use warm water to rinse it off.