Three Bad Skin Habits to Ditch

It is the New Year. Why not resolve to do something good for your skin this year and get rid of bad habits? Here are a few habits that you should ditch in order to ensure glowing and flawless skin:

1. Too much cleansing: If you go overboard and cleanse your face too much, it will harm you. Wash your face not more than twice a day. If you need to wash it thrice, make sure you use a very gentle cleanser. If you keep washing your face, it will dry out and start itching and flaking because the natural oils will be lost.

2. Too little hydration: You have to hydrate your skin throughout the year, especially during winters because cold, dry air can dry out your skin in seconds. Use a hydrating lotion during summer. You can also go the extra mile and apply a hydrating mask once a week.

3. No sunscreen: This is the biggest sin that you could commit. Neglecting and walking out without applying sunscreen can do a lot of damage. Whether it is a cold day or a hot day, sunscreen is an absolute must. Use one with SPF 15 at least.