Sunless Tanning Tips

Getting a nice tan without having to stay in the sun. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Sunless tanning come with a number of advantages too such as no risks of sun damage, sunburns, and premature aging!

Here are a few sunless tanning tips:

1. Exfoliate: Before using your sunless tanner, you should exfoliate so that your skin is smoother and the surface is even. Also, remember to exfoliate at least once every week regardless of whether you are tanning. Regular exfoliation will ensure that your skin is smooth and soft.

2. Sunless tanning formula: There are many self-tanning formulae in the market today. The best one for you will depend on your skin type and skin needs.
– Lotion: You can easily apply a lotion and thus, choosing a lotion is ideal. Make sure you buy a tinted lotion so that you know whether you have applied and which areas are left out.
– Mousse and wipes: Mousse formulas are airy and dry and the good quality ones are drip-free. Thus, there is no streaking risk. Tanning wipes on the other hand are very easy to use and will not stain your hands.
– Air brush: This is the latest innovation. Air brush sunless tanning easily lasts for a sennight or a fortnight.

3. Making it last: It’d be ideal to re-apply in a few days so that your color is maintained. There are tan-extending creams too, which you could use. These are moisturizing as well as tan-extending creams. There are also tinted baby oils, which will help your skin glow.