Ashton Kutcher Slightly Hurt in Motocross Race Accident


Ow, that would have hurt!

Ashton Kutcher decided to go outing with his dirt bike but things didn’t go smoothly for him.

The 36-year-old was on a racing course outside Los Angeles on Thursday, hoping to have a gala time but things went wrong for him. At the finish line he managed to wipe out and hurt himself.

Thankfully, the actor was well protected and did not get too hurt. His protective gear and boots helped me get out of the incident without issues. He suffered nothing but a small road burn.

The father to be with Mila Kunis, his fiancé, delighted the fans when he started removing his clothes to reveal his boxers. When he was changing his clothes we could clearly see one bloody wound on his torso. It was fixed with a bandage.

May be when he reached him, he got pampered and loved to help him forget the incident!

Image Credits: Nancy Ostertag/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Thinkstock Photos

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