2 5 Minute Exercises for Busy Women

Extremely busy? Not able to find time between work and home? We know how you feel.

No matter how busy you are it is important to exercise and stay fit. Yes, yes, we can feel your scowl. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to spend lots of time each day. In fact, we have suggestions that will help you exercise within 5 minutes!

  1. Little Jacks: This is similar to jumping jacks but you can do it quickly. Also, it is tougher. Your knees must be bent to start with and your core must be tight. From this position you should tighten your arms and crunch in a little. Don’t extend your arms. Instead, bend your elbows down to 90 degrees and then bring them up to your shoulders. Keep yourself tight.
  2. Half burpees: Get down to a pushup position with your core tightened and your body in a straight line. Hop to your feet, balancing yourself on your palms and your feet. Imagine a squatting position with your knees outside your elbows. Go back to the push up position and hop back. Continue and pick up speed as much as possible. Do not overexert yourself.

Image Credits: Antonio_Diaz/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos