The Headband Fashion

Headbands are now a rage. They have become a must have today and are available in so many different styles that you have numerous options to explore. There are also many ways in which you can wear a headband. Here are a few:

1. With an updo: Just tie your hair up in a ponytail like you always do and wear a thin headband to keep the stray hair back. Not only will it look great, it’ll give you a feminine detail too.

2. Boho: This is among the newest ways of wearing a chic looking headband. All you have to do is part your hair from the middle and then wear the headband on top of your head. Make sure you tuck your hair in order to avoid a mushroom head!

3. Waves: Let the waves loose and wear a simple, pretty headband. This will keep the hair from falling on your face and you could even wear another accessory to add some more cuteness.

4. Locks: If you want to wear a bow band, the best thing to do would be to straighten your hair after blow drying it. To soften your facial expressions leave some front hair pieces.

5. Bangs: Wear your band over the bangs and you will have given yourself a delicate look. This is also easy to maintain. Style your hair like you normally do.