Matching Brightly Colored Blazers

Blazers are an ideal choice for most occasions but you should know how to wear them if you want to look great. You may love vibrant hues but I am sure you don’t buy a bright blazer because you don’t know how to wear it. Well, here are helpful tips for you to wear a brightly colored blazer:

1. Since your blazer is bold, make sure everything else that you wear is simple. Denim shorts, a plain tank top, and a neutral bag are enough. Accessorize with a very simple necklace or a bangle and you are good to go!

2. Wear a striped dress if you have a red colored boyfriend blazer. Red and white go hand in hand and thus, choosing a white dress would be ideal if you have red colored blazers. Polka dot pumps or even black pumps would be great.

3. Bright colored blazers go well with black! However, if you have an orange colored blazer, you should keep white. With that one small exception, you can wear black with just any colored blazer.

4. Matching is good but don’t try to go overboard with it. Keep it simple. Don’t wear orange top and pants with an orange blazer. You will look like an orange yourself!

5. In order to carry off bright colored blazers you need confidence. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and you’ll look great!