Taking Summer Trends into Fall

Many trends and styles are seasonal but there are also handfuls, which are multi-seasonal. You can wear them not just during summer but also during fall. Here are some such examples for you:

1. Brightly colored bags: Since they are bright and vibrant, they are ideally for the summer but they do very well for the fall too. Thus, you don’t need to run to buy a new bag for the fall if you already have a nice and bright neutral colored bag. If you are sporting a black outfit, why not match it with dark pink? You will immediately stand out!

2. Stripes: Nautical stripes in particular seem to be only for the summer. During summer, they are simply everywhere from dresses to tops and from swimsuits to shoes. You can mix and match these during the fall to look great. For example, how about wearing a fitted blazer over a striped tank top? Complete your look with trousers and flats.

3. Animal prints: Animal prints have taken over this summer but that doesn’t mean you have to tuck them away during fall. Animal prints are neutral and can be paired very easily with fall collections.

4. Florals: These define both summer and fall. They are highly feminine and come with an air of freshness. You can try florals on skirts, bags, sandals, and dresses. However, instead of choosing to go completely
floral, use it sparingly.

5. Metallic accessories: Oh no, don’t think metallics are only for the summer! Metallic bangles and necklaces are really good for the fall season too. Go for bronze, silver, or gold. The choice is yours! You can also wear metallic shoes to complete your look.