Dressing Up for an Ice Cream Social


Ice-cream social? Awesome!

Worried about what you should wear? Oh, don’t be! You have plenty of options to explore. Go by the theme and dress colorfully.

Here are a few adorable options for you:

  1. Maxi Dress: Buy a nice, soft maxi dress in the color red. You could also go for a two-toned dress in two different colors such as salmon and tan. Complete your look with platform wedges and you are ready to go! There are also striped maxi dresses that will make you look really cool. Make your choice based on your personality.
  2. Leather tote: A bag is a requirement for every woman. Why not buy an ultimate, chic one? Choose a cool color such as mint, citron, or grapefruit and you can pack all your essential items in it with ease.
  3. Sun hat: If the ice cream social is in the afternoon, you can wear an excellent sun hat to protect yourself and look great at the same time.
  4. Denims: Denims will never get old and they will never go out of fashion. Buy neon denims if you wish to and wear it with a white tee shirt. You are good to go!

Photo Credits: Wicker Paradise

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