A Healthy Side Dish


Healthy food digs a hole in your pocket now, does it? What if I gave you an idea in which a healthy vegetable will account for a superb side dish? Also, what if I told you that the side dish is going to be made out of something you usually cut out and discard? I am sure you will laugh at me but I promise to turn that smirk into a happy grin once I am done.

Before I start, let’s just talk about America and its woes of healthy food. The US government wants us to eat healthy and all but if we go by their recommendations, our bank balance will hit rock bottom in no time. However, it is not wrong to experiment with food and find different ways to eat healthy at a fixed budget.

Here’s one of my experiments. You throw away the stems or say, trunks of broccoli, right? You can actually use them as a new side dish. Here is the recipe –

Steam the stems of broccoli. Steaming is best because the nutrients are retained very well. Don’t boil. Always steam. Once they are tender, start slicing them. Sprinkle some olive oil, add a dash of lemon and some salt and pepper according to your taste.

Trust me, they are easy to make, delicious to eat and very nutritious!

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