Treat Dementia with Care, Love and Respect


Old age is a fragile and stressful time. Aging adults already have a lot of problems to suffer with. If only their children and family took proper care of them, their last few years of life would be peaceful. It has been found that dementia is a common problem faced by aging adults. After the onset of dementia, recent findings reveal that adults manage to survive only for 4-6 years. A little extra care and a little extra help would grant them a few more years of life.

One reason why people are not able to take care of their elders is because they are unaware of the condition. Knowledge is essential. Dementia is a very severe problem. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be treated. The patient can indeed lead a normal life. Dementia caused in aging adults is rightly termed as ‘Senior Dementia.’ It causes many side-effects and problems such as mood swings which are indeed really problematic in old age. Personality changes are also caused and this is why it becomes even more difficult to cope up with the condition. This is the main reason why doctors prescribe anti-psychotic medicines for the treatment of Dementia.

Since it causes mood swings, adults suffering from this condition become emotionally weak and tend to give the natural day-to-day activities a miss. Washing, dressing, eating can be very difficult for them and they will need help to carry out all these activities. Bathing is the most difficult task. You must take it up as a task and duty to treat the elders with delicacy and give them the attention they require and deserve. The person suffering from Dementia usually goes through a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion. If you don’t treat the person well, the condition will only worsen. That is why you have to be careful and patient. When it comes to helping them with their bath, respect the fact that this is a very private thing and might be embarrassing to them. Go on about it very carefully so that you don’t hurt them or their feelings.

Support and care are the only two things adults ask of us. Isn’t it our duty to give them what they desire, require as well as deserve? It is not even a very big deal. You just have to be gentle, loving and compassionate towards them. Their dignity and their respect should not be hurt. Make sure they remain calm and try being with them as much as possible. Loneliness can lead to frustration which is not very good. If there is a problem, contact a specialist immediately.

Indeed a small gesture of affection from your side can add a year or two to their life.


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