5 Lucrative Part Time Jobs

A little extra pocket money could help you in a number of ways. Looking for a part-time job to accomplish it?

Yes, there are many part-jobs jobs but you are probably reluctant because you only get minimum wage. The fact is that there are many jobs that are highly paying despite being part-time! Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Tutor: You can teach in person or over the Internet. In-person tutors can easily earn $30 per hour or even more based on experience and requirements. Online, you will earn slightly less.
  2. Hair stylist: You can work at a salon at your own convenience for how many ever hours you want to. Hair stylists earn about $10 per hour (average) plus tips.
  3. Mail carriers: Give 20 hours per week and make about $19 an hour. Simple?
  4. Makeup artist: Just like the hair stylist you can work comfortably at your convenience. You can also specialize in events and earn per event or per hour.
  5. Freelance writer: There is a lot of demand for freelance writers and you can easily earn a lot of money depending on the company you work for and the type of content required. You may start off with less income per hour but with experience you can reap a lot of money.

Image Credits: maurusone/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos