Top 5 hypoallergenic dog breeds


Are your allergies keeping you from adopting a dog? Well, well, we have the perfect answer for you! There are plenty of dogs that are hypoallergenic. Listed below are a few such breeds:

  1. Yorkshire Terrier: These dogs are perfect if you have a small place. They love cuddling and playing indoors. They don’t really shed either. The only thing is that they need proper grooming regularly. They are tiny little balls of fur!
  2. Shih tzu: Don’t be worried by seeing their locks. They have a lot of hair but they don’t shed much. They are very affectionate and kind but they tend to get possessive. So if you have kids, they may not be an ideal choice.
  3. Chinese crested: These dogs don’t shed though they have dander. They are perfect for families with children. They can be a little clingy, though.
  4. Poodle: You’ll find different sizes of poodle: standard, mini, and toy. Thus, you can pick whatever floats your boat. They need plenty of grooming, though.
  5. Basenji: These dogs are amazing. Neither do they bark nor do they shed! They are lovely pets, despite being stubborn. They are also very active and need exercise. So, if you have a small apartment, this is not the breed for you.

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