An Easy Way to Organize your Closet

Organizing the closet is important but it is also very tedious and boring. This is why most of us tend to put it off for as long as possible. However, you don’t have to do that anymore. The following tips will help you organize your closet easily so that you don’t spend too much time in frustration.

1. You should start off by going through your stuff in the closet and sorting it out. With everything that you see, ask yourself if you like it, if it fits, and whether you have worn in the last six months or a year. The answer to all these should be yes for that piece of clothing or accessory to be in your closet. If there is even one no, remove it and place it in a separate pile. You can do this quickly without wasting any time.

2. Now you have only those things that you need and will surely use. Separate them according to their use. For example, all the dresses should be together and all the jeans should be together. You get the idea. You can coordinate them by how often you plan on wearing them and/or their color. The ones you use regularly should be easy to grab. The others should be behind them. Follow the same step for accessories and shoes.

3. At last, take five minutes to plan for the future. You will need more space. Thus, you should jot down the measurements of your closet and the vertical space available to you. If something has not satisfied you, write that down too. For example, may be you wanted to organize your bags better? Or your shoes? Write that all down and that will help you with better organization in the future.

Photo Credits: Apreche