Bust the Hair Loss Blues


Hair loss is nothing less than torture. Did you ever wake up to see a huge clump of your beautiful hair stuck to your pillow? Were there times when you saw so much of your hair entangled in your brush that it gave you a mini heart attack?

If yes, you know what torture I am talking about. When you start losing hair, you pretty much start losing a lot more. Your self esteem is hurt really badly and your confidence takes a major blow.

This is why the fact that one could go to any extent to get their hair back does not surprise me at all.

You can go to a dermatologist and you can do your research to the fullest like I have; you’ll come to only one conclusion – not many products work as they are supposed to. In fact, my research told me that there are only 2 hair loss treatments that work effectively for women.

The first treatment is Rogaine. In the United States, Rogaine does not need a prescription. It is actually the only FDA approved hair loss treatment. The active ingredient is Minoxidil. For women, 2% minoxidil is ideal. The concentrations are different for men and women. Thus, you must be very careful while buying this product.

You need to apply Rogaine on your bald spots and areas where you are losing hair topically, twice a day. The thing is that you must use Rogaine every day once you start. There can be no stopping once you start because if there is, you’ll lose all your money as well as your hair. Think before you start using it because it is a commitment and mind you, it is an expensive commitment.

The second effective hair loss treatment for women is Foltene. This topical treatment has not gotten an approval from FDA and thus can be found in alternative health stores. Tricosaccharide is its active ingredient and the manufacturers say that it is a hair growth stimulator. It comes in vials and one vial is applied per day. The instructions of use are however much different from Rogaine. You should use the first box that comes with 24 vials and then take a 3 month gap. After this, you must start using it again but this time, one vial should be applied every three days. Foltene works best during the starting stages.

My verdict is the Foltene is better because it needs to be applied lesser and has no side effects. Rogaine comes with horrifying dandruff.

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