How would you Adore Motherhood?


Time to get personal! Let us talk about pregnancy and motherhood and see what you have to say about it. Do you think you’ll be ready for it only after marriage or do you think it is not something you wanna do? Is it something you will do through a sperm bank whilst staying single?

Whatever your thoughts are, what do your friends and family have to say about it? Do you even care? Does what others think affect your decisions? Let’s probe in.

Today, we have numerous choices of motherhood. We can stay true to the traditions and tread the usual path of first love, marriage and then baby. Otherwise, we can stay single and head to the sperm bank. We could even adopt or simply just never bother about it.

I know many who choose to adopt at an older age while a few others who choose to go solo. What kind are you? Please take the poll on this page and tell us what you think.

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