Four Ways to Change His Perspective Of You


Just friends?

Four Ways to Change His Perspective Of You

He is hot, he understands, and he is simply great. Sadly he sees only a friend in you. You want more but you don’t want to tell him that because you fear losing him. We feel for you! That is why he come up with a few tips to come out of the friend zone and have him look beyond friendship:

  1. He may be your gym partner or you colleague but such proximity will not help your case. It is important that you get him on his own with you, without friends or colleagues. Catch a quick drink if possible but try to steal a few minutes of him time to spend alone with you. This will help you connect on a personal level.
  2. What does he like? What do you like? Do you have anything in common? If yes, exploit that! Find ways to do those things together to increase closeness.
  3. Make your personality shine. In a group, if he doesn’t even notice you, you might want to polish your personality a little. Crack a joke, speak up and join the conversation, etc. so that he notices you.
  4. Flirt! Don’t flirt obnoxiously, of course. Keep it clean, keep it fun, and keep it awesome. Strategic flirting will definitely help you.

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