Hateful Love Acts

While there are many things that you have to do to make your relationship work, there are a few that you should completely avoid. Acts such as those mentioned below can drive your guy away from you in an instant. So make sure you avoid them no matter what.

1. Believe that you can change him: If you are getting into a relationship thinking that you can change his bad habits or improve them, you are wrong. It’d be better to just let him go. Changing someone is not easy and going around with a guy hoping that you will change him is stupidity.

2. Dumbness: If you are intelligent, what is the need for you to act dumb? The whole idea is offensive but it is sad that many women think otherwise. Acting dumb just to make him feel secure is not right. If your guy is insecure about your intelligence and if he is the kind who thinks all his dates have to less intelligent, you can simply walk away from him. Don’t hide your genius just because you want to be with him.
No guy deserves that.

3. Waiting: Playing hard to get has advantages but that does not mean you always do the same. Instead of waiting for him all the time, you should step up and make the move yourself. You want him, don’t you? Get him then.

4. Doing whatever he wants: Letting him choose is one thing and dancing to his tunes is something entirely different. If you are going to nod at everything he says or does just because you are worried about offending him, you are going to do something really bad. Instead of walking into such a disastrous relationship, it is ideal to refrain no matter how gorgeous he is.